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Create a Personal Portfolio using Angular 2 & Behance

Learn how to use Adobe XD to create a website prototype, and Angular to make it a reality in the browser.

Go from Mockup to Production in this 2+ hour full stack developer course.

The project you're going to learn how to build is based on a personal portfolio site, powered by Angular 2 which grabs projects in real-time with the Behance API. 

First, we step into Adobe XD (Experience Design) to design the website mockup from scratch. These videos are 30 minutes and they're available to watch for free at our youtube channel.

After we complete the mockups and protoyping, we'll begin development by setting up an Angular project with the angular-cli. Then we'll march forward through all of the various steps required to make this project a reality in the browser.

Requirements & Suggestions:

  • Adobe XD (Experience Design)
    This is only required if you wish to follow along with the first 3 lessons, otherwise skip these.
  • Code Editor
    I use Visual Studio Code, which is free.
  • Basic understanding of Angular 2
    Don't worry, watch our free angular 2 course here first.

What you'll learn:

  • Website UI Design in Adobe XD
  • Starting an Angular 2 Project with the Angular-cli
  • Generating Components
  • Generating Services
  • Creating an Angular Router
  • Fetching Data from an API (Behance)
  • Writing HTML
  • Writing CSS

Alright, are you ready?  Let's get started!

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