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104. Introduction to Intents and Broadcast Receivers

Design + Code an Android App from Scratch

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This video talks about what are Intents and Broadcast Receivers in Android. Intent is a way of getting tasks done with existing Android components by specifying the action that needs to be performed and the data type that needs to be handled. IntentFilter is a way of advertising that your component is capable of performing some action that other components may need. Intents can be used to start Activities, Services and Broadcast Receivers. An Intent specifies four pieces of information: the action that you want to perform, the data type that you want to handle, the category and the extra information needed to a accomplish the action. Broadcast Receivers are triggered either by an application or by the system to indicate some event has occurred. For example, the battery level going down or the system being rebooted can fire an Intent which triggers a Broadcast Receiver in your application if you register for the same. The onReceive method of a Broadcast Receiver is triggered when the desired event happens

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