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37. Where to get the code?

Design + Code an Android App from Scratch

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This video shows the list of topics that we plan to cover in the full series along with links on how to get the code for each video. We start with an introduction to android programming that deals with basic topics, then we cover how to setup Bucket Drops in Android Studio. We move to the part now where we code the home screen with a background image which is loaded using the Glide library. We explain the concept of Fragments and Dialogs in the next section and move to our database product Realm which is a replacement for SQLite. We then cover the Recycler View in absolute detail and move to styles and themes and implementation for swipe to delete. The next part focuses on Custom Views and Widgets in Android and how you can use them to match your UI/UX needs. We finally talk about Broadcast Receivers, Services and how to publish the app on the play store.

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