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Design + Code an Android App from Scratch

Follow along as Gary Simon and Vivek Ramesh guide you from beginner to pro in this android design and development course.

There are a million courses out there that either cover app design, or app coding. But how many exist that teach you both, in project-format, with an expert designer and coder?

Not many, but this course is certainly one. We believe you learn best when you build something, and that's why this entire course will be focused on the development of an android app called "Bucket Drops" -- which allows users to keep track of life goals.


Initially, Gary Simon will provide you with a beginner's level overview of how to use both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. And then he will get started with showing you exactly how to design the mockups for the Bucket Drops android app.

Throughout these lesson videos, you will see every single step that's involved in the design process of a professional app. Then, once all graphic assets are exported, Vivz will take over and show you how to make this app a functioning reality in Android Studio.


You will see every line of code written with you around. You will learn not just what the code does but also why it was written in the first place! The coding section teaches you the basics of Android components such as Activities, Broadcast Receivers,Services and Notifications.

You will learn how to use drawables and selectors along with efficient image loading techniques with the Glide library. The course covers Fragments, Realm databases, RecyclerView, swipe to delete, Styles, Themes, Custom Views and widgets, Proguard and protecting your app from being reverse engineered.

If you are a beginner tired of reading 100s of posts on how to make an app and you know a little bit of Java, this course was made for you!

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