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Getting Started with Java

Learn the ins and outs of basic Java coding in this 100% free, 7 hour course from Coursetro.

Have you ever seen a Java course that is 'visual' in nature? The kind of lessons where you can see what happens when you are creating an object, doing method overloading, and using run-time polymorphism. I bet you haven't. Welcome to the most 'visual' Java course you will ever take.

This course teaches you everything you need to get started with Java programming. It divides each topic into explanation and example.

The explanation section deals with how a particular concept works in Java and covers the following:

  • Data Types & Variables, Typecasting,
  • Operators & Conditional statements such as if, if else, switch
  • Loops such as for, for each, while, and do while
  • Methods, Types of methods, Call by Value vs. Call by Reference, Variable Scope, Method Overloading,
  • Arrays and ArrayLists,
  • Classes and objects, How classes and objects work, and How primitive types vs. reference types are stored
  • Swing classes to take input from the user and command line methods to take input from the user such as BufferedReader, Scanner, Console,
  • Static variables, static methods, this keyword, super keyword, method overriding,
  • What is inheritance
  • And a real world example of run-time polymorphism that actually demonstrates what happens with vs. without polymorphism.

The example section covers an example for every concept discussed above. The course will be updated constantly to keep in sync with the real world developments in Java. So, are you ready to become a Java PRO?

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