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Learn Angular 2 Development with our Free Course

Welcome to our Introduction to Angular 2 free video series. Learn how everything works, from how to install Angular 2 to services and observables!

In the world of frontend development, Angular 2 is perhaps one of the hottest topics. Maintained by Google, Angular is an excellent framework for creating SPA's (Single Page Applications) for both desktop and mobile use.

We're proud to announce this 100% free course, containing both video and written content, on getting started with Angular 2. This course is perfect for those who have never touched AngularJS or Angular 2. 

First, you're going to learn how to install Angular 2 through 3 different methods:

  • The manual method where you create the necessary files from scratch.
  • The Quickstart method where you git clone the repo.
  • The Angular-CLI method where you run a simply command to get your Angular 2 app up and running.

After that, we start dissecting how Angular 2 apps function at their most fundamental level. We dive right into the heart of Angular 2 which includes understanding:

  • Components
  • Templating
  • Routing & Navigation
  • Services
  • Property, Event, Class & Style binding
  • Animation

These are all of the core fundamentals that one must understand before beginning full Angular 2 apps.

So if you're ready to learn Angular 2 development today, let's get started!

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