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How to Install Angular 2 - Cloning with Git

By Gary simon - Oct 20, 2016

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In the previous article, we ran through the process of installing angular 2 manually with the guidance of the official Angular 2 Quickstart Guide.

In this article, I'll show you a quicker method of getting up and running by cloning the Angular 2 repo.

First, if you prefer being shown the process via video, check out the video below:

Alright, so let's do this...

Step 1: Visit the Angular Quickstart Repository

Click here to visit the Quickstart Repo. This will provide you with a readme containing some important information. First, it will include the usual prerequisites such as Nodejs and NPM. You will also need to install Git so that you can execute the following command:

git clone  my-proj
cd my-proj

After executing this command, give it a minute or two and it will effectively download the quickstart project to your specified project folder.


Step 2: Run "npm install"

Now, because we cloned a repo instead of having to manually create a mess of files like Manual method we covered earlier required, we can jump straight to npm install. 

npm install

Give it some time, and in a few moments you'll have your node_modules folder and everything else ready to go!

And of course, if you're ready to start developing right away, go ahead and run:

npm start


And you're finished!

That's it. Much quicker than the manual method, right?  Well, there's actually a faster method. And that's what we'll be covering in the third method of installing Angular 2 through the Angular-cli. 

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