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New Design Challenge: Design an Onboarding Screen

By Gary simon - Jun 21, 2017

Design Challenges are now back and open to everyone who's willing to create a free Coursetro account! These design challenges are free to enter and give you the ability to become a better designer, while I (Gary Simon) personally rate and critique your design.

At the end of the submission deadline, I provide a rating for your entry across several design-oriented criteria and choose a winner. I also do a video run-down of the entries.

Visit the Design Challenge Entry Page

The winner receives 1 month of a Coursetro Pro membership.

This week's challenge

I recently released a tutorial on Designing and Implementing an Onboarding Tutorial with Ionic. So, I figured this design challenge could parallel that content by tasking you with designing a single app screen mockup for an onboarding tutorial.

I provide all of the details associated with this challenge at the official entry page. Go check it out!

Here's a video I released announcing this challenge:

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