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The Making of an IOTA Wallpaper. Oh, what is IOTA?

By Gary simon - Sep 04, 2017

Click here to download the 4k wallpaper

I've been focusing on learning a relatively new cryptocurrency called IOTA; which is part of the reason new content hasn't been quite frequent within the last 2 weeks.

This brings me to some interesting news for Coursetro. While I'm still heavily focused on design & development, cryptocurrency development is going to be something I start teaching here! This means a new focus on learning all about the blockchain, the IOTA Tangle, and how to develop decentralized apps.

What is IOTA?

IOTA is a new "transactional settlement and data integrity layer" for the IoT (Internet of Things). It's based on the Tangle instead of the blockchain, like most other cryptocurrencies.

The tangle enables transfers without fees, which is perhaps one of the most exciting features. As a cryptocurrency, it currently sits at #8 at

While I won't go into any more specifics in this post, you can learn a lot more about it by visiting the following links:

My IOTA Wallpaper

It's been a long time (over a year) since I have tried my hand at digital painting. I have a Wacom CINTIQ 22HD that I haven't touched in the same amount of time.

I felt inspired though and gave digital painting another shot, and this time I'm very pleased with the outcome.

Here's the final result:

Click here to download the 4k resolution version

Here are some progress photos that I saved along the way:

 Overall, I'm pleased with how it turned out! Perhaps I will do a video tutorial of the process I used.

If you're an IOTA fan and enjoyed this, feel free to send tips to my IOTA address!

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