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Free Course: Creating App Mockup Templates in Photoshop

By Gary simon - Jul 11, 2016

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We're very excited to announce our first 100% free course here at Coursetro! 

The course is: Creating App Mockup Templates in Photoshop

This is a 6-part, 37 minute video course instructed by Gary Simon. You'll learn how to take a photograph of an individual holding a phone, and then turn it into a PSD template that others can use to quickly impose an app mockup UI in place of the original screen from the photograph. 

This is made possible by utilizing the power of smart object layers. The template also allows individuals to change the background quickly and easily. Here's a rundown of the course lessons along with a brief explanation:

Lesson Walk-Through

  1. Choosing a Photograph
    In this lesson, Gary will cycle through a variety of photographs he shot and explain his reasoning for choosing one as the basis for the template.
  2. Cleaning up the Photo
    Using the spot healing brush tool and the clone stamp tool, Gary will show you how to clean up a few imperfections in the photograph to get it ready for the app mockup templating process.
  3. Placing the Smart Object Layer
    This lesson is at the heart of the course; utilizing the power of smart object layers to build mockup templates.
  4. Adding a Mockup Design and Glare
    Now, we'll get to test out the smart object layer by placing in a fictional UI design in the smart object layer, and then we'll add a realistic glare on the phone screen.
  5. Isolating the Background
    In order to make this mockup template more dynamic, we'll isolate the background and make it editable using the pen tool for creating selections.
  6. Finishing the Project
    Now we will import some backgrond photographs, and then finish everything up by adding some adjustment layers.

This free course is great for anyone who's interested in creating their own mockup templates in Photoshop. If you're good enough, you can actually make money selling these templates on graphic-asset websites like So what are you waiting for? Take the course now.


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