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Yes, Coursetro will offer a Free Angular 4 Course

By Gary simon - Mar 15, 2017

Ready to build Awesome Angular Apps?

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At Coursetro, we currently offer a Free Angular 2 Fundamentals course, however, we will recreate a new fundamentals-based Angular 4 course very shortly.

With the new Angular 4 release just a mere 8 days away, we're about to see a ton of new interest in "Angular 4" related searches. This new free fundamentals course will provide beginners with a fresh look at Angular based on the newest release.

Angular 2 and Angular 4 are not very different, and much of the content in our Angular 2 course is still applicable. None the less, as a beginner, it's nice knowing that you're learning Angular 4 with a course that's based on Angular 4 itself.

So get ready everyone! Angular 4 is coming and you should expect the course to begin rolling out video-by-video within a week after March 22.

Watch our Angular 4 Teaser Video

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