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Trolling My Kids with Google Home (And how you can too)

By Gary simon - Dec 09, 2016

I have 2 kids, Natalie who is just about 7, and Claire who is 4. Every day they do something to push my buttons, so I decided to push back in a fun way. 

Google just opened its doors to developers today, by allowing us to create apps for their Google Assistant powered devices, including Google Home.

I decided to create a quick app that allows me to "talk to the cops", which carrys a silly, scripted conversational flow regarding my 2 children.

Check it out:


So how did I do it?

Well, this particular google home app was very simple, because it didn't rely on a robust conversational experience, or tie into any other services. 

I'm also fairly new to this whole bot stuff, so I followed along with a simple 15 minute tutorial released by Google that shows you how to create a very similar app (except, one that doesn't rely on trolling children).

It relies on using API.AI to create the conversational flow, which then allows you to test it on your computer and any other assistant-enabled devices connected to your account, such as Google Home. I'd suggest following the tutorial and you'll get a good grasp of how to create your own!

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